I Created A Business! – Charles & Leto

If I thought 2016 or 2017 were tough for me, I didn’t know what 2018 had in stored. I’ve had a lot of struggles this year, especially in regards to both my physical and mental health, as well as with my dog being sick. Amidst the chaos, I had a few moments of victories that I never thought possible two years ago, much less during this worst year of my life. One of those was finally making my first step towards being an independent business woman, an entrepreneur.

I opened up an Etsy shop! My own shop. MY OWN SHOP! Where I’m the boss.

At 27, I’m still at the first “real” job after I finished grad school. All it’s made me realized is that I hate working an office 9-to-5 job, I hate marketing, I hate that I spent almost 6 years in college and rarely apply anything I learned, I hate how much I owe in student loans, I hate working for someone else, and I hate that I’m wasting my life away 5 days a week, every week, doing something that brings me no fulfillment other than a barely there paycheck.

I want to be my own boss, work from home or wherever, make bank, have fulfillment, be passionate, be happy, and be able to live my life without work bring me down. Opening an Etsy shop is my first step in accomplishing that. I don’t have the luxury of quitting my day job just yet, so starting a little online business will give me an opportunity to become acquainted with my inner BOSS BITCH. I’m taking baby steps now, but before you know it I’ll be running marathons.

If you wish to check out my Etsy shop, please check it out below:



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